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“This wine chiller stick is a wonderful multipurpose wine accessory. The stainless steel chill rod works like a charm and is great for all sized bottles.” 

Marianna + Gary 

Keeps your wine chilled for up to 2 hours

Aerates your wine as you  pour it

Convenient mess & drip free pouring feature

  Loved by wine lovers worldwide

More To Know

The all in one solution for perfect enjoyable wine every time. This stainless steel wine chiller & aerator allows you to enjoy wine at your own leisure without compromising the taste.

It brings red to cellar temperature and keeps white, rosé & sparkling wine chilled for up to 2 hours.

Simple to use, just store in your freezer for 1 hour before you use, insert in your favorite bottle of wine and presto your wine is ready to be enjoyed.

From chilling Chardonnay and cooling Cabs to perfectly pouring Pinots, the Aerating Wine Chilling Stick is one of the smoothest wine accessories we carry.

Chill & enjoy your wine at the table without stressing about bucket, ice or your bottle going warm.



Stainless Steel Rod

Cooling Rod made of 304 stainless steel,
filled with non-toxic gel and completely sealed

State of the art aerator

Improves & elevates the taste of your wine with a unique aeration technology. The aerator detaches from the cooling rod, allowing it to be used by itself

Perfectly fit Rubber Seal

Fits perfectly, the rubber attached to the pourer seals tightly with most standard size bottles of wine making your experience mess free

Convenient & easy to use

Store in your freezer one hour
before use, easy to clean & store

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