Self-Watering Plant Pot

Dark Gray
Sheet Size

Enjoy having houseplants without worrying about neglecting them

Show off your inner green thumb with this Self-Watering Plant Pot  that won’t let you over- or under-water your plants

Whether you lead a busy life or go for extended travel, your plants don't have to suffer anymore. This easy to use Self Watering Plant Pot is especially useful while you are unavailable to constantly tend for your plants. No more dead plants.


  • This planter uses Capillary Action (wicking) to draw water from a built-in reservoir, allowing you to water your plants by simply topping up the reservoir once in a while rather than having to keep track of watering every few days
  • A water-level indicator reflects the water status in real life and indicates when it is time to refill the reservoir
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Water is conveyed to the roots of your plants keeping the topsoil surface area dry, the subsoil remains consistently moist but not overly wet
  • Classy minimalist square design available in three sizes, your choice of  white or dark gray color
  • Great gift for plant lovers (including yourself!)
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What is included in your package?

  • 1 x flower pot base
  • 1 x internal pot with water Wicking cord
  • 1 x water level indicator

    Take the guesswork out of plant caring, this unique self-watering plant pot is the all in one solution for well aerated roots, regulated water supply for your plants and beautiful decor.