Smart Electric Cupping Detox Massage Device



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Get the benefits of Chinese Traditional Cupping in the comfort of your home

If you frequently suffer from stress or pain, cupping massage maybe for you. No need to take long drives, pay big amounts of money with the Smart Electric Cupping Massage Device. This innovative device combines the advantages of Chinese Traditional healing with the convenience of smart technology while being accessible in the comfort of your home.

Well-being & better skin, a smart massage device for all your needs

  ✔ Easy to use -Relieve yourself of stress & aches anytime and anywhere, this is a full-featured portable massage device that is easy to carry and can be used anywhere

  ✔ Versatile & fully adjustable - The Cupping Massage Device has variety of massage modes, including EMS and pulse. The device offers five levels of strength for a smooth massage experience

  ✔ invest in your well being - This Cupping Massage Device works by creating a suction that improves blood flow to a specific region in order to sooth pain and inflammation

  ✔ Improve Skin Appearance -Cupping massages may help improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as stretch marks. This device is helpful in activating circulation and improving skin firmness

    ✔ Easy to maintain -This smart device is USB chargeable, it has a long battery life and it comes in a classy discreet design

    Suck out the stress, strengthen your skin, dissolve the tension from your muscles and increase relaxation within your body anytime and anywhere.

    We recommend to keep an interval of 14 days for  the use of the Smart Electric Cupping Massage device in the same area.




           1 x Cupping Massage Device

          ✔ 1 x USB Cord

           1  x English instruction manual