7D Magnetic Cat Eye Nail Set


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Cat eye nail polish is the most pinnable and Instagram worthy effect. It is made by magnetic nail polish and a magnet stick. Just like cat eye stone, the cat eye nails capture and reflect the light at every opportunity. If you’re already obsessed with crystals, it looks like you’re gonna love this set.


  • Glamorous & Eye-catching: This easy to use gel polish allows you to create infinite styles thanks to do magnetic stick. It is  good quality and offers a beautiful finish whether you choose the magnet or not
  • Affordable & easy to use: No more long expensive trips to the salon anymore, follow the simple steps and get beautiful and long-lasting nails at an affordable price
  • High quality with great selection: 6 different popular colors of cat eye gel polish,  perfect gift for any nail art lover (including yourself!)


  • 1 x Galaxy Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish
  • x Black Nail Gel
  • x Double Headed 3D Magnetic Stick


1. Clean Nails then trim nail surface as normal gel nail process.

2. Apply Base coat first, the thinner the better, it will make the gel polish last longer, cure with UV lamp or LED lamp. (Any Gel base coat will do)

3.Apply the black coat and cure with UV lamp or LED lamp then the second coat and cure again. The black gel polish needs to be THINLY coated in two layers.

4.Apply 7D Magnetic Gel Nail and immediately hold the magnet stick close to the nail for at least 30 seconds. The closer the distance, the more obvious the effect (keep the stick from touching the polish), cure with UV lamp or LED lamp.

5.Apply a top coat and cure with UV OR LED lamp