Foldable Laptop Stand with cooling Fan


Keep your laptop cool and running smoothly with this cooling laptop stand

Excessive heat can be lethal to a laptop, leading to problems like sudden shutdowns, and damage to the inner components. Manufacturers are squeezing more and more power into ever thinner and smaller machines making laptops heat-related issues a very serious concern.

Our laptop stand provides comfort and the fan provides an instant and powerful increase of cool air  to cool things down and dissipate heat inside your laptop.

  • Convenient & versatile,   this is the perfect way to  improve your posture  while using your laptop. Comfortably elevate screens to eye level, tilt screens to reduce glare and cool laptop in the same time. 
  • Impressive amount of cooling,the laptop stand with cooling has one big fan for powerful and lasting cooling for your laptop while being ultra-quiet 
  • Beautiful & compact design,this design is foldable, it is slim and light making it easy to carry around, it features six levels of adjustment. 

What's included in your package?

1× Laptop Stand

1× Cooling Fan(Need to choose the Size of "With Fan")

1× Cable

1× Storage Bag

1× Manual