Xiaomi Foldable Hair Dryer


Fast drying, light weight and engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage

Small but powerful, this lightweight hairdryer is all you need for fast drying while using smart technology to protect the smoothness of your hair.

Engineered to neutralize static electricity for glossy shiny hair every time 

  • With 6 airfoil blades and a large air volume output of 1.6m³ per minute, this lightweight hairdryer offers a fast and quiet experience while dying your hair.
  • Powered by advanced IonAir technology that infuses negative ions into a wide and gentle airstream to smooth the hair cuticle and speed up drying
  • Hot & Cold smart temperature control, automatically adjusts the time of alternating hot and cold air blowing, it greatly reduces scalp discomfort and hair damage.
  • Classic and minimalist design style, portable and foldable for easy storage, perfect for home or travel use

What's included in your package?

1 * Hair Dryer
1 * Nozzle