Bluetooth virtual laser keyboard

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The future is here, typing on phones/ tablets is no longer a frustrating task

It is real and it is here for you to turn your mobile into a full-fledged computer/laptop. Straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Bluetooth virtual laser keyboard is not only futuristic but it is probably one of the most useful tech tools .

This laser keyboard has the keyboard keys projected on a solid surface (basically a hologram). It does not have physical keys to be pressed down and is small enough to fit in your palm.

The new efficient & convenient way to work on your phone

  • Unique round key layout with plenty of space which improves the QWERTY Layout for better and efficient keystrokes. O ur laser keyboard allows easy connection through both Bluetooth and USB, making it an efficient and fancy way to work on your phone.
  • Light in weight design and a versatile laser projection with ample brightness. Hardly bigger than half a smartphone.
  • Very large battery capacity, the keyboard comes with a very large 2,000 mAH Battery capacity. This gives you at least 10 hours of typing runway, with its reverse charge function, you can also use this keyboard as a power bank too. Use it to charge up your mobile.
  • Serves as a mobile stand as well. The device has a clamp on top that can hold up your smartphone and act as a stand while you use it as a screen to type on.

For our Bluetooth virtual laser keyboard to work, you need a flat surface and then you place the device in front of it. When turned on, the laser hole from within the keyboard will project a hologram of the keyboard on the flat surface. From the bottom of the device, a tracking beam is projected onto the surface that covers just about the hologram.

All you have to do is type on the board as a normal keyboard. The laser tracks any movement on the projected laser keyboard outline and translates it to real keystrokes and gives it as an input to the screen.